Fairytales Shooting Stars Minigame

Fairytales Shooting Stars Minigame

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Fairytales Shooting Stars Magic!

We wanted to create the happiest minigame on mobile and what better way than bringing together some new fairytale characters. Fairytales Shooting Stars is a free mobile game where you must use your gaming skills to catch all of the different magic objects.

Each character must catch their own special magic objects that are falling from the sky. As they catch them they grow bigger and bigger. Eventually bursting in a load of happiness. The objects then start falling faster and faster.

There are also special objects that fall to help you out. A magical magnet which collects all of the falling happiness.

Beware of the falling evil minion. You have to avoid him or the game will be over. This gets much harder as your characters continues to grow in size.

There are more than 20 characters to unlock, each with their own special magical object to catch. You can play with your favourite Super Happy Party Pals and there are also some new Fairytale characters to discover.

You will want to keep playing until you have unlocked all of the characters. But can you then get the top score on the leaderboard as well.

Fairytales Shooting Stars Minigame Features

  • Catch all of the magic objects
  • Over 20 magical characters to unlock
  • Endless game of skill and reactions to always keep you having fun
  • Earn happiness to unlock new characters
  • Easy stages so the game will be enjoyed by all of the family
  • Impossible stages to challenge even the best gamer in the family

Available on iOS and Android and playable on mobile phones as well as tablet devices.

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