Our Parents Promise

Our Parents Promise

Our Parents Promise sets out our commitment to Parents about how we design and create our games so that they are suitable for all of the family to enjoy.

As parents ourselves (and former school teachers) we fully understand the concerns that surround video games and children’s exposure to them. This is nothing new, as these concerns were the same that my own parent’s had when I was a child and I started playing games on my computer.

However, there are differences. Mobile phones and Tablets are now common items in many households and used frequently by all of the family. Also, the app stores have made it much easier to find and download new games.

Mobile gaming has proven to be a very useful distraction to keep the children entertained at home, traveling and also eating out. But when talking with other parents about their children’s play there are a number of common topics that arise such as:

  • Do my children play games too much?
  • Is the content suitable?
  • Is gaming too solitary and isolated?

There are also other concerns related to the cost of games. Whilst may games initially appear to be free, many have built-in shops that allow players to enhance the game through a variety of ways. This can result in an unpleasant surprise for parents who find that after downloading a ‘free’ game they find that it is mostly all locked until you make a payment. Sometimes even multiple ongoing payments are necessary to keep the game being fun.

A lot of games are also funded through in game advertising. This is necessary so that developers can cover the costs of creating the game, but it can result in a frustrating experience if there are too many adverts, or they keep appearing during the game.

Finally there is the question of whether the content of the adverts is suitable for children. There are many games that are played by a wide range of age groups and as such may include adverts for gambling sites, dating sites or other games for a mature audience including violence and adult themes.

So you can see how difficult it can be as a parent to decide which games to allow their children to play.

To make it easier for all Parents we have created Our Parents Promise.

This sets out our commitment and how we design our games in five areas:

Child Friendly: All of our games and content are suitable for all of the family. We try to make sure that

Play Together: Our games are designed to bring families and friends together.

Advertising: We don’t fill our games with annoying adverts. Our use of adverts is always appropriate and can be used to increase the level of fun at no cost.

Pocket Money Prices: We ensure that our pricing is fair so that everyone can play. We also make it easy for you to turn off in-game purchases if you want.

Educational: We provide additional resources for parents and children to talk about the game and create together.

We hope that by keeping true to our promise to parents, that we can create fun games for everyone to enjoy.

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