Pattern Match Minigame

Pattern Match Minigame

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Pattern Minigame Madness!

Are you the best gamer at pattern match minigames? This fun family pattern match minigame will test your memory skills and you will have a lot of laughs and happiness as well.

Each level requires you to memorise and then repeat the pattern. The patterns get longer and more complicated the further you get. The game starts easy but even the best gamer will be challenged by the harder levels. The later stages are almost impossible.

Your friends the Minis are here to help and you will make them smile when you match the pattern correctly. If you fail then they will be sad but don’t worry, you can play more of the mini games and make them happy again.

With over 20 different types of Mini to unlock you will have a lot of fun trying to unlock them all. We won’t give away any secrets but there are a lot of your favourites to play with and even some surprises.

We won’t give away all of the secrets. But some of the hidden characters include Pugs, Cats, Pirates and even some of your favorite Super Happy Party characters.

Challenge your friends and family to try and beat your top score. The further you get the more happiness you will be rewarded with.

Pattern Match Minigame Features

  • Match all of the patterns
  • Endless game of patterns to always keep you having fun
  • Earn happiness to unlock new characters
  • Easy stages so the game will be enjoyed by all of the family
  • Impossible stages to challenge even the best gamer in the family

Available on iOS and Android and playable on mobile phones as well as tablet devices.

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