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About the Company


Super Happy Games S.L. is an independently owned games studio based in Malaga, Spain. Focused on creating fun games for all of the family to enjoy playing together.


Company History


Super Happy Games S.L. was founded in January 2017 by the CEO Lee Michael McCance. Leaving his previous job in May 2016 he found himself living in Malaga at a crossroads in his life. Should he continue his successful career in Product development or try and realise a childhood dream, which was to work for a games company. He has now started on that journey to realise his dream by setting up Super Happy Games S.L.

He has many mentors helping guide the way, but most importantly he has his daughter Sophie (aged 10 and a half) who is his chief play tester and the reason why the company exists.

“As the father of a beautiful girl named Sophie I want her and her friends to be able to play and enjoy our games.”
Lee McCance, CEO and Founder of Super Happy Games


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Our Games

Super Happy Party:

Our first game as a company, available for iOS and Android devices.
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Multiplayer games have never been so much fun for all of the family. Come and play with the Party Pals and have the happiest party in the World!

This fun family game will test your gaming skills across lots of different mini-games. Can you unlock all of the items, mini-games, accessories, stickers and achievements?

Play mini-games to generate happiness, then relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, fun and party atmosphere.

Super Happy Party is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.



In the single player mode you must create the happiest beach party in the World. You can do this by earning happiness by successfully playing lots of mini-games. You can then spend that happiness on unlocking accessories, objects and more mini-games. All of these will earn you even more happiness.

Solve puzzles, remember tunes, follow patterns, react quickly and be quick to find the hidden characters. Everyone has their own favourite mini-game and character.

With three difficulty levels to unlock, everyone in the family can play along. Who will get the furthest?


Unlock Items and accessories for the Beach Party

Unlock and upgrade items for the beach, use your happiness to receive gifts of accessories for the characters.

Customise the Party Pals with different hats and costumes.


Multi-Player Party Mode:

With a special Party mode so that you can challenge your friends and family, all on the same device. Multiplayer games have never been so much fun for all of the family.

Play with all of the family on your phone and tablet. Up to 8 players can play at the same time as you try to become the winner of the party. With additional mini-games designed for two players, families will have a lot of fun playing together.

Join the Party now.



  • Beat all of the mini-games to earn happiness, the games start off easy but get much harder the further you get
  • Earn happiness to unlock extra mini-games, accessories and items for the beach party
  • Unlock accessories to customise your game characters
  • Make the Party even happier by upgrading items for the beach.
  • Challenge your friends and family with Party mode. Up to 8 players all competing on the same device with special 2 player mini-games
  • 3 levels of difficulty to unlock so the game will be enjoyed by all of the family


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