Our Super Happy Games

Super Happy Party

Minigames have never been so much fun. Come and play with the Party Pals and have the happiest party in the World! Play minigames to generate happiness, then relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, fun and party atmosphere……

Fairytales Shooting Stars

Fairytales Shooting Stars Minigame

Fairytales Shooting Stars Magic! We wanted to create the happiest minigame on mobile and what better way than bringing together some new fairytale characters. Fairytales Shooting Stars is a free mobile game where you must use your gaming skills to catch all of the different magic……

Word Farm: Animal Kingdom

Word Farm: Animal Kingdom

Our latest game brings to life a simple word puzzle challenge. Set on a farm you must complete all of the word puzzles, guessing the hidden words using the letters available. Word Farm: Animal Kingdom is a word puzzle game that all of the family can enjoy…..

Pattern Match

Pattern Match Minigame

Are you the best gamer at pattern match minigames? This fun family pattern match minigame will test your memory skills and you will have a lot of laughs and happiness as well.Each level requires you to memorise and then repeat the pattern. The patterns get longer and more complicated the further you get…..

Simon Memory Minigame

Simon Memory Minigame

How good are you at remembering simple musical patterns? Our Simon Farm Mini game will test your memory skills with this fun version of the classic ‘Simon Says’ children’s game. Like all of our games we start the game off simply and easy for everyone. Then it gets harder…..