Word Farm: Animal Kingdom Puzzle Game

Word Farm: Animal Kingdom Puzzle Game

Word Farm: Animal Kingdom!

Coming soon to Android and iOS. Our latest game brings to life a simple word puzzle challenge. Set on a farm you must complete all of the word puzzles, guessing the hidden words using the letters available. Word Farm: Animal Kingdom is a word puzzle game that all of the family can enjoy.

As you complete the levels you will explore and discover new farm animals who are always happy to see you.

Complete enough puzzles and you will be rewarded with stars which you can use to upgrade your farm, starting with your beloved farmhouse and gardens.

With over 150 handcrafted levels which increase in difficulty. All members of the family will enjoy the challenge.

Fun Free Mobile Word Puzzle Game for iOS and Android

Word Farm: Animal Kingdom Features

  • Complete all of the handcrafted puzzles
  • Discover new characters and farm companions
  • Earn coins by completing the puzzles, you can use these to buy extra hints and help
  • 150 puzzles so the game will be enjoyed by all of the family
  • Ask friends and family for help when you get stuck
  • Upgrade your farm and house by collecting stars

If you like word puzzle games then you will definitely enjoy the challenge of Word Farm: Animal Kingdom.

Puzzle Games: Hand-crafted

At Super Happy Games we design all of our puzzle games by hand. Ensuring that when you play, the puzzles will be challenging but fair, and hopefully much more fun. With all of the words checked against multiple data sources and thoroughly play tested.

This approach takes us much more time than using a program to generate the puzzles instead. But we believe that it ensures that you will have a much better experience with less repetition of words and much greater variety. We hope that you enjoy the challenge of Word Farm: Animal Kingdom and please look out for our new word puzzle games coming soon.

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