We create fun, smiles and happiness together.

Learn more about our company values and how they combine to ensure that we create the best imaginable games.

These values help us to create great games, make sure that we have fun at the same time and also have a positive impact on others. If you are interested in working with us then read more about joining the team or taking part in our Internship Program.


Made for Sophie

“As the father of a beautiful girl named Sophie I want her and her friends to be able to play and enjoy our games.”

Lee McCance, CEO and Founder of Super Happy Games


We believe that everyone should be able to play and enjoy our games. Our games, characters and content are designed for children, families and friends to play together.

To achieve this, every game is created by a team that needs to be happy, engaged, challenged and having fun in order to create the fun games and experiences.


Simple and Fun

Some of the most fun games ever created are the simplest. We believe that our work environment and culture should be the same.

Our ideas, methodologies and the way in which we create games are all based on looking for the simplest way forward. So we don’t have a culture of creating lots of policy manuals, detailed processes or complex ways of making things work. We always look for the simplest design and the simplest solutions.

This helps us to deliver our games quickly and with frequent releases. We want people to actually play our games and tell us what they like about them. So we can then create even more fun games.


Transparency and Trust

We trust our people so always share company information and involve everyone in discussions about our company performance, strategy and plans.

We believe that we are creating something special and we want our people to feel like it is their company as well. This seems obvious to us.

And company performance bonuses aren’t just for the select few. Everyone is rewarded when our games are successful and everyone’s names are included in the game credits.



At Super Happy Games we are always looking for opportunities to grow. As a company and as individuals.

We want to help grow our people by providing challenging projects that helps them to improve their skills and gain new experiences.


Positive Teamwork

Creating games requires a diverse set of skills and individuals to come together as a team. This is challenging but when teams work well together then there is no challenge too great for them to overcome.

So as a company we value effective teamwork very highly. We encourage positive and constructive regular feedback amongst the team. We have no annual performance reviews and instead look to the teams to recognise and reward individuals, as well as identify areas that need improving.



We believe that as a company we need to have a positive impact on the communities that we are part of.

Locally that means that we look to support local businesses and organisations where possible. Looking to give local graduates and professionals the opportunity to get involved with the company.

We also seek feedback from our players. Taking onboard their suggestions and also letting them help design some of our games, storylines, characters and features.